Epigenetics Core Facilities Instrument List

QuantStudio 7 Flex

Quantitative PCR applications with additional dyes, formats, and automation options

***Discounted rate for special reagents, including SYBR Green MasterMix, Taqman MasterMix, cDNA synthesis kits, PCR plates etc. 

Automated liquid handling with qPCR set-up assistance

ThermoFisher Qubit 3.0 Fluorometer

Sensitive nuclei acid quantification for next-generation sequencing

TapeStation 4200

Gold standard for sample quality control for next-generation sequencing


High throughput size selection for next-generation sequencing

Diagenode Bioruptor Pico Sonication System

All-in-one shearing system for DNA, RNA, and chromatin shearing

ThermoFisher Nanodrop One Microvolume Spectrophotometer

DNA, RNA, protein quantification with improved accuracy and early contaminant detection

AriaFusion Cell Sorter

Four lasers (11 colors) advanced cell sorter with bioprotection

MassArray System

A non-fluorescent detection platform utilizing mass spectrometry to accurately measure DNA methylation


Automated single-cell preparation for mRNA sequencing, DNA sequencing, epigenetics or miRNA expression.

Biomark HD

Automated, high-performance PCR system allowing nanoliter reaction volume with exquisite single-cell sensitivity and consistent results