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Bioruptor Pico Sonication System


ASRC 4th Floor

Diagenode Bioruptor Pico Sonication System

Diagenode Bioruptor Pico Sonication System

The Bioruptor Pico is the latest innovation in shearing and represents a new breakthrough as an all-in-one shearing system optimized for homogeneous shearing micro-volumes of 5 μl to larger volumes of up to 2 ml. The powerful cooling system (water cooler and single cycle valve) ensures high precision temperature control resulting in higher quality samples.

Important Notes:

  1. This instrument is billed with an annual usage fee only (1/1-12/31).
  2. Please also sign up in Badger to reserve the instrument. Reserving the instrument will NOT lead to billing charges. This is only to avoid conflicts in use.


  • All-in-one shearing solution
  • Simultaneous sonication of 6-12 samples
  • Ultra-low volumes of 5 μl to larger samples of up to 2 ml
  • Advanced timing control
  • Temperature-controlled

Key Supported Applications

  • DNA and RNA shearing
  • Chromatin shearing
  • FFPE nucleic acid extraction
  • Tissue and cell disruption
  • Protein, DNA, RNA extraction