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Sage Science PippinHT

The Pippin systems allow for precise automated size selection of nucleic acid samples, sequencing libraries, and even protein samples. Pippin HT excels at high-throughput applications and also works with smaller sample amounts. Pippin HT uses disposable gel cassettes that are precast with agarose to perform DNA size selection and collect the desired DNA fragments based on user-input values.

Important Notes:

  1. Please fill sample submission form and attach to samples.
  2. Please check out as supplies in Badger to submit samples.
  3. Please also sign up in Badger to reserve the instrument. Reserving the instrument by hour will NOT lead to billing charges. This is only to avoid conflicts in use.


  • Generates higher-quality libraries for improved sequence informatics
  • Fragment sizes and ranges are reproducibly collected, providing consistent results, run-to-run
  • Flexible programming allows collection of multiple size ranges, or up to 24 collections of the same fragment range
  • The Pippin HT agarose cassettes available in the Core and the size ranges in which samples can be sized:
    • 75% from 6-10 kb, high –pass
    • 75% from 15-20 kb, high –pass
    • 75% from 30-40 kb, high -pass
    • 5% from 250 bp up to 1.5 kb
    • 2% from 100 bp up to 600 bp
    • 3% from 100 bp to 250 bp

Key Supported Applications

  • Size select DNA in ranges between 100bp up to 1.5kb.
  • High-Pass protocols are available for collecting all larger DNA above a fragment size.