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4200 TapeStation


ASRC 4th Floor Rm 4.134

TapeStation 4200

TapeStation 4200

The Agilent 4200 TapeStation system offers automated sample processing for quick and reliable sample quality control within any Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), microarray (aCGH) or quantitative PCR (qPCR) workflow.

Important Notes:

  1. Please fill sample submission form and attach to samples.
  2. Please check out as supplies in Badger to submit samples.
  3. Please also sign up in Badger to reserve the instrument. Reserving the instrument by hour will NOT lead to billing charges. This is only to avoid conflicts in use.
  4. Results will be returned to user via SFTP.


  • Scalable throughput 1-96 sample walk away system
  • Easy sample prep with minimal hands on time
  • Ready-to-use ScreenTape Technology
  • Equivalent to Bioanalyzer, but with additional features (e.g. Genomic DNA analysis with DNA Integrity Number (DIN))
  • Increased product portfolio with D5000 / HS D5000

Key Supported Applications

  • DNA fragment analysis (D1000, D1000HS, D5000, D5000HS)
  • Genomic DNA
  • RNA analysis (RNA, RNA HS)

Data Analysis Software (PC only; please note that you will be asked to select your country prior to being able to view the software page)