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Equipment Type

Live Cell Inverted Confocal Microscope




Zeiss LSM880 Airyscan FAST


ASRC 4th Floor South Wing 4.125

Zeiss LSM 880 Airyscan Live Cell

LSM 880 Airyscan Fast Live Cell

LSM 880 Airyscan Fast Live Cell is a unique confocal that provides high resolution, sensitivity and speed that enables gentle live cell imaging with super resolution. Airyscan delivers super resolution of 140 nm XY, and 4-8 times sensitivity. The FAST module increases speed 4 times up to 100 fps, which increase productivity when performing quantitative imaging. Temperature, CO2, humidity controlled incubator is optimized for time lapsing live imaging.


  • Airyscan to achieve 1.7x resolution (140nm XY, 400nm Z) and 4-8x sensitivity
  • FAST model for 4x speed up to 100fps
  • Axio Observer inverted platform with motorized XYZ stage
  • Definite focus 2 prevent focus drift over time
  • Piezo with 500um travel range for extremely fast Z stacks
  • Tokai-Hit stagetop incubation chamber
  • Zen Black software with the modules of Z stacks, timelapse,  tiling, multi position, co localization, FRAP, super resolution, deconvoltuion, 3D processing.

Laser Lines:

  • Argon:  458, 488, 514 nm
  • Diode: 405 nm
  • DPSS: 561 nm
  • HeNe: 633 nm.


  • EC Plan Neofluor 10x/0.3 NA
  • Plan Apo 20x/0.8
  • Plan Apo 40x/1.2 NA Water or Type W Oil
  • Plan Apo 63x/1.4 NA Oil DIC


  • 2 PMT’s
  • 1 GaAsP (2x sensitivity)
  • 1 Airyscan super resolution detector
  • 1 Transmitted light detector


  • Super resolution confocal imaging of fixed or live samples, photoactivation, or photoconversion in live cells or organisms
  • Capturing fast events such as Ca2+ imaging
  • FRAP
  • FRET