Sarah Moyon

Dr. Sarah Moyon obtained her B. Sc. in cellular and molecular biology (2006) from Université Diderot Paris 7 (France) and her M. Sc. in cellular and molecular biology, speciality neurosciences (2008) from Université UPMC Paris 6 and École Normale Supérieure Ulm (France). She completed her PhD at the Université UPMC Paris 6 (2013), in the laboratory of Pr. Catherine Lubetzki (CR-ICM, Pitié Salpétrière, France), where she characterized the profile of adult oligodendroglial cells, the main myelinating cells of the central nervous system. She then joined the team of Pr. Patrizia Casaccia in 2014 for her post-doctoral training, addressing the role of DNA methylation on the oligodendroglial lineage, during repair and aging. She is currently a National Multiple Sclerosis Society fellow and the Fritz Krauth Paralyzed Veterans of America fellow.

Research Interests

Her research combined whole genome and epigenome bioinformatic approaches with in vitro and in vivo functional experiments. Her main focus is the study of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells biology, especially during repair and in aging.
RNA Sequencing, ERRBS, RRHP, flow-activated cytometry, remyelination mouse models, histochemistry, cell culture