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Alternating Tuesdays @ 4:30pm | ASRC 5th Floor Data Visualization Room (Directions)

The ASRC Neuroscience Initiative and the CCNY Neuroscience are proud to introduce the 2018 Neuroscience Seminar Series. Seminars occur every other Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. in the ASRC’s 5th Floor Seminar Room, starting the 16th of January.

Each seminar consists of an hour presentation on research relevant to the fields of neurobiology and translational neuroscience. Talks will be given by senior PhD students, postdoctoral and faculty researchers. Anyone interested is encouraged to attend and actively participate in discussions.

In addition, we are happy to have external scientists give talks. To present your research, suggest external speakers, or for more information about the Neuroscience Seminars please contact Mario Amatruda or Miruna Ghinia-Tegla.






Geng Pan

Adrian Rodriguez-Contrera (CCNY)

Postnatal development of the electrophysiological properties of somatostatin interneurons in the anterior cingulate cortex of mice


Lauren Malave

Andreas Kottman (CCNY)

Stimulation of Sonic Hedgehog signaling reduces formation and display of L-Dopa induced dyskinesia in models of Parkinson’s Disease


Lev Starikov

Andreas Kottman (CCNY)

Functional heterogeneity between oligodendrocyte lineages in the vertebrate spinal cord


Sarah Moyon

Patrizia Casaccia (ASRC)

Role of DNA hydroxymethylation in adult oligodendrocyte progenitor cells during repair and in aging


Genevive Feldman

Itzak Mano (CCNY)

A Non-Canonical Activation of CREB in Excitotoxicity-Induced Neuroprotection in C. elegans


Yuqiu Jiang

Jack Martin (CCNY)

Transneuronal down-regulation of the premotor cholinergic system after corticospinal tract loss


Diego Buenaventura

Mark Emerson (CCNY)

Fate-restricted retinal progenitor cells adopt a molecular profile and spatial position distinct from multipotent progenitor cells


Kim Chisholm

King’s College, UK

Optical in vivo imaging of pain pathways


Kamilah Castro

Patrizia Casaccia (ASRC)

Mechanisms underlying the effect of body mass index on disease course in multiple sclerosis


Wei Zhang

Yoko Nomura (QC)

Maternal prenatal stress predicts early childhood neurodevelopment: Possible underlying mechanisms


Pavel Osten

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Mapping the brain at cellular resolution: region and gender-specific differences

6/5/18 (@ CDI)

Antonella Scaglione

Patrizia Casaccia (ASRC)

PRMT5 mediated regulation of developmental myelination


John Kalambogias

Jack Martin (CCNY)

Control of species-dependent cortico-motoneuronal connections underlying manual dexterity


Ekaterina Likntik

Hunter College

Inhibitory signaling sculpts communication in prefrontal–amygdala–basal forebrain network during emotion regulation